The Chinese Dynasties

After doing a little bit of research, I found out that people are really into Chinese dynasties. Of course, being a good host, I would like to provide information on this subject for you. That and I also want more traffic to the site (hehe). The last few weeks I have done a little bit of reading and find that the information on Chinese dynasties that has been provided elsewhere is quite boring. In this section on Chinese culture, I would like to put myself into each dynasty and tell it through the first person's point of view. Hope you enjoy.

Mandate of Heaven

Before diving into the subject, I would like to side track a little bit and explain the concept of "Mandate of Heaven." This theory simply says that when man becomes a king, he is chosen because he has the support of God and not because of the bloodline of royalty. As you can see, this point of view is completely opposite compared to the European. So, what does this mean?

Chinese Dynasties

The idea means that if a king does not help the people, become corrupted, and only looks out for himself then in that case, God can put somebody else in the emperor's place. Therefore if a king is a tyrant, anybody, even a peasant, can gather an army and overthrow the emperor, which has been done many times in the history of China. This could explain why the Chinese have so many dynasties in their history.

If you did not get the complete grasp of this theory, then do not hesitate to contact me.

Due to the fact that I don't have much knowledge of Chinese dynasties, I will not be the writer for some of these articles. However, I promise that I will deliver the same quality articles to you regardless if it's me or not. Let's start, shall we? (This could be long, but I hope that I can entertain you.)

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