Traditional Chinese Family (Before Communist)

  • The Chinese word for "Nation" is made up of two characters: Guo means "Kingdom" and Jia means "Family."
  • The definition of a Chinese family is taking care of every member in the family, and not just your own family.
  • The Chinese family is built on a hierarchy system. Commonly, the oldest male in the house will control all the family affairs.
  • The first born boy is the most important child in the household since when he gets older, the child will replace his grandfather or father as the head of the house.
  • The need for a head of the house figure in the family is because every member in the family expects to be in the family business and doesn't want any outsider to be a part of it.
  • The head of the house will take care of private family matters as well as marriage arrangements.
  • Even when a woman marries into her husband's household, she will always be considered an outsider and never have a voice in the family, unless she goes through her son.
  • Sometimes the relationship between a husband and wife does not work, but the couple never gets divorced.
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Nation comes first or family comes first?

When the word family comes to mind, many people will think of tradition as well. Every family has its own weird tradition. Do you have any weird traditions in your family? The people of China have many family traditions. Chinese and Asians as a whole consider family a major aspect in everyone's life.

Did you know that the word nation is created by two characters? The first character is Guo which means "Kingdom"; the second is Jia which means "Family." Yes, family is that important.

I will divide this section into two articles. The first article will relate to the traditional ways of families before the Communists gained control. Second will be the modern day view of the family after the Communist party took over.

Traditionally, a Chinese family is built on a hierarchy system. The oldest male in the family will have the highest authority and power; this is usually one of the grandfathers. This is one of the reasons why the concept of boy is so important in China.

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