The Most In-Depth Guide to Chinese Festivals

Bold days are major Chinese festivals and holidays.
Chinese festivals
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Just A Reminder: The festival days will change vary from year to year due to the inconsistence between Lunar and Western Calendar. For example, please don't expect that the Chinese New Year date this year will be the same for next year. Be sure, when you show up for a party, the party actually there and not a month late (hehe).

Date Chinese Festival
Jan. 1 Western New Year
Feb. 11-14 Chinese New Year or Spring Festival - Chun Jie
Mar. 4 Lantern Festival (Dumplings) - Yuan Xiao Jie
Mar. 8 International Women's Day (all women get a half a day off)
Apr. 4, 5, or 6 Clear Brightness Festival - Qing Ming
May. 1 International Labor Day (3 days)
Jun. 1 International Children's Day (from age of 14 - 20 get a half a day off)
Jul. 7 Festival of the Cowherd and Weaving Maiden
Jul. 19 Dragon Boat Festival - Duan Wu Jie
Aug. 1 Army day
Aug. 15 Ghost Festival (I'm not really sure if this is the exact date)
Sept. 10 Teacher's Day
Sept. 25 Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese Moon Festival) - Zhong Qui Jier
Oct. 1 National Day (1 week)
Oct. 19 Double Nine Festival (all senior people)
Dec. 25 No Christmas
Special Day Birthday

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