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India is the home of "Slumdog Millionaire," but is also a place where many minorities reside. The country is occupied between hundred of types of people. There are a couple of famous ethnicities that you may be familiar with, such as Hindu and Muslim. Since there are many different backgrounds represented in India, it is almost impossible to learn each culture.

In this section on Indian culture, I will describe the basic foundation of Indian culture and customs. With this information, hopefully it will help you to find success on your trip. The goal of this section is to learn about the religion, history, minority groups, and of course find out what type of curry is in your bowl of soup.

India cultureIndia

Indian Greeting Customs
"If you already travel to India before, then you already know about the customs of "Namaste," the traditional greeting in India."

The Common Do and Don't in Indian Customs
"Walking down the street, you should not show public affection even to your love ones. As a tradition country, India does not..."

Table Manners
"First thing first, when you get invited to a meal, always expect that it will be at the person's house. In Indian perspective, the people consider it is an insult to..."

Saving Face During Conversation in India
"In my culture (Vietnam), there is a proverb, "Since, a word does not cost a penny; always try to pick the nice one..."

What is Karma?
"Just as Justin Timberlake singing his hit song "What comes around, go around," the Indian belief somewhat a similar view. For their belief..."

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