Japanese Traditions and Customs

When you think of Japanese traditions, what is the first word that comes to your mind? Personally, the word would be either traditional or weird. As much as you like to think otherwise, Japan is a modern country and always looking to the future, yet tradition will always be its roots. From the tea culture to the kimono the lady proudly wears on the street, it is still there and the custom has not changed.

Even though the culture has not changed, the Japanese have added a couple of new traditions such as the love hotel. Some call the hotel weird, while others consider it an art; I will leave the interpretation up to you. In this section on Japan, we will concentrate on the culture and customs of the country. From a Japanese proverb, one can say:

Bad and good are intertwined like rope.

We will look at the bad side that affects the Japanese culture as well, which will be presented in the familiar form of Do and Don't (culture-4-travel.com style) As a matter of fact, let us look at an example right now. I must say this is a great video clip. Japan culture articles are right under the video.

Japan cultureJapanese culture

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